General Aviation NOTAM to operate in controlled Airspace

    When is it necessary to apply for a NOTAM?

    For the performance of General Aviation activities in controlled airspace, provided that:

    What General Aviation activities should you request a NOTAM?

    (*) Frequent skydiving activities on the same site require the establishment of an promulgated area to be published in section ENR 5.5 of the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP). Requests for publication of NOTAM since 1 August 2020 should be addressed to ENAIRE’s Operational Coordination Department (

    What is the implementing regulations for the publication of a NOTAM?

    How to request the publication of a NOTAM?

    Through the AESA e-Headquarter:

    Access to Electronic Headquarters

    This procedure is NOT applicable to:

    The application must contain the following information:

    Who can apply for a NOTAM?

    Any person, natural or legal, whose action may affect the operation of aircraft.

    Promulgated sites and NOTAM for skydiving

    Skydiving activities can be carried out on a permanent basis at the same location or on an ad hoc basis. In order to keep all airspace users informed of the places where this activity is carried out, two means have been articulated according to whether the activity is regular or timely:

    Areas promulgated: Volume of airspace published in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) in which air sport activities are frequently carried out, which does not imply restriction of use for other traffic and which informs other airspace users of the aeronautical activity carried out in that volume, as defined in Royal Decree 1180/2018 of 21 September 2018.

    NOTAM: Notice containing information relating to the establishment, condition or modification of any aeronautical installations, services, procedures or hazards that it is essential to know in a timely manner the personnel performing flight operations, as defined in the Air Traffic Regulations approved by Royal Decree 57/2002 of 18 January.

    The frequent conduct of skydiving activities on the same site requires the establishment of an promulgated area to be published in section ENR 5.5 of the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP).

    The sites currently published in AIP ENR 5.5 should be treated as promulgated areas, as provided for in the approved procedure, and information relating to the time of use and other relevant information cannot be considered as promulgated areas in the field. In accordance with the above, an informative NOTAM should be published on a transitional basis.

    The publication of a NOTAM is reserved to announce specific activities and the timely modification of the conditions of use of an promulgated area and, on a temporary basis, for the implementation of activities on the sites currently published in IPA ENR 5.5, in so far as they are published as an promulgated area.

    The procedure for dealing with both the establishment of promulgated areas and the publication of a NOTAM is published on the website of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, and can be accessed by clicking here.

    IMPORTANT: Requests for publication of NOTAM for activities to be carried out from 1 August 2020 should be addressed to ENAIRE’s Operational Coordination Department (

    Triptych: Processing of NOTAMs for the realisation of activities of General Aviation and Sport.


      • There is information to be distributed, temporary and short-term (e.g. an air trip); or
      • Permanent or temporary long-term changes that are of relevance to operations (e.g. airspace modifications) are introduced at short notice; or
      • In the presence of dangers to air navigation (including obstacles, military manoeuvres, exhibitions and competitions, important parachuting activities outside promulgated sites).
      • Launch of paratroopers.*
      • Aerial exhibitions.
      • Aerial laps.
      • Air competitions.
      • Royal Decree 57/2002 of 18 November 2002 approving the Air Traffic Regulation (RCA) in its eighth book.
      • ICAO Annex 15 — Aeronautical Information Services.
      • Regulation 2020/469 on requirements for air traffic management and air navigation services. From 27/01/2022, it shall include in Annex VI the Specific Requirements for Aeronautical Information Providers.
      • On 12 February 2004, DGAC also drew up the document Update of Procedures for the Coordination and Operational Authorisation of Air Activities in Controlled Air Areas, which defined the various air activities, both civilian and military, and the body responsible for regulating, processing and resolving applications relating to those activities.
      • Name of the requested activity.
      • Details of the applicant.
      • Date of completion.
      • Schedule of the activity.
      • Geographical coordinates. Indicate in degrees (o) minutes (‘) and seconds (’).
      • Radio of the area.
      • Maximum height to be reached (indicate whether it is AGL or MSL).
      • Aerodrome to be used (if applicable).
      • Number of participants.
      • Aircraft used.

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