Questionnaire on operational categories UAS

    In order to assist UAS operators covered by Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947 in framing their operations under one of the defined operational categories (open, specific or certified category), the State Aviation Safety Agency has developed an application which, based on a series of questions, guides the UAS operator in this regard.

    At the end of the questionnaire and according to the responses provided by the operator, it will be indicated in which operational category the desired operation can be performed and a pdf file with the main characteristics and actions required of this operational category will be generated. It is very important that the result obtained with the implementing regulations is checked before the flights are made.

    The executable of the application can be downloaded from the following link:

    The requirements you need for this application to work properly are as follows:

    • PC with Windows operating system.
    • The application is installed by default in “Program Files” on disk C.
    • The application will be included in the list of applications in the Windows startup menu, and the creation of a shortcut during installation is optional.

    To exit the app, press the exit button.

    In this other link you have the same questionnaire in Excel format from Microsoft Office:

    The requirements you need for this application to work properly are as follows:

    • You must install terner Windows and Microsoft office Excel (versions from 2010 onwards).
    • It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.
    • Download the file and do not rename the application. It is recommended to copy the downloaded file to the desktop and then run it as many times as you require.
    • Once you have downloaded and opened the questionnaire, you must enable the macros before running the program and, in reference to Security Warnings, you must click on the button called “Enable Content”.
    • It must be run on desktop application for PC, as it is not available for mobile version.
    • It is advisable not to have any other Excel files open while this application is running.

    To exit the app, press the exit button.

    Note: A new online version of this questionnaire is being developed so that it can be used from any platform.

    Any queries or errors regarding the application can be reported to the drone mailbox (

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