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Complaints for Cancellations and Delays

NOTICE: If the incident occurred in the European Union outside Spain we recommend you, after lodging a complaint to the Airline, to address your complaint directly to the Competent Authority of the Member State concerned. Remember that lodging your complaint directly with the Competent Authority of the State where the incident occurred will reduce waiting times to issue the resolution. Click here to know where to address your complaint in another Member State.

Additional information can be collected by phone +34 91.396.82.10 Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 14:30.

The assistance and intermediation of claims and complaints of the user activities are certified under the  ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate of AESA

When and how to complain

You can lodge a complaint if you have had one of the following problems: cancelled flight, delayed flight more than three hours, denied boarding due, for example, to overbooking, or any class upgrading or downgrading, if the airline has not served your rights as a passenger, which you can consult here.

In the case of incidents NOT related to denied boarding due to overbooking, cancellations and/or flight delays, or class upgrading or downgrading, useful information can be viewed on Incidents not related to cancellations and delays.

If you think that your rights have not been respected, you can complain by following the steps below:

  1. Lodge a complaint to the relevant airline. You can do this through the complaint sheets that airlines must have available at their information desks or ticket outlets at airports or by using the form below to complain to the airline.
    1. The complaint must be addressed directly to the airline customer service department, either by letter or by electronic means if they are available. List of Customer Services of Airlines.
    2. The ticket, baggage check and other used documents must be kept. In addition, the complaint must be clear, concise and legible. It is important to accurately record the date, time, place and causes of the complaint as well as the complainant personal data and any details of the concerned flight.
  1. In case of not receiving a response from the airline within one month, or if such a response is not satisfactory, you can lodge a complaint to AESA at no cost.

    Please note that the complaints AESA may process are those that are related to a flight originating at a Spanish airport, or at an airport in a non-Community State and with destination at a Spanish airport if the airline is a Community Airline.

    In incidents on flights originating in another EU State, we recommend you to submit your complaint directly to the designated Authority in that State. To know the procedure to follow, click here.

    If the incident occurred in another Member State and you lodge your complaint to AESA, you should take into account that the periods in the resolution of your complaint will be significantly delayed as the resolution times of both Authorities accumulate.

    To lodge a complaint to AESA there are two ways (the filing will be accepted only if one of these two ways are followed):
    1. Online presentation: This allows you to lodge the complaint from your own home by filling in the form on the AESA website. You will need to have in digital format the documents indicated to you in order to attach them. Each file may not occupy more than 2Mb and all of them will not occupy more than 6 Mb.

      Remind that, if you submit your complaint by this way, you can consult at any time the status of the complaint through the AESA Electronic Office.
      Access to the online presentation

    2. Filing at the Registration desk: You shall send to the following address: Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea. División de Calidad y Protección al Usuario. Avda. del General Perón 40, Acceso B, 28020, Madrid, the following documents:
      1. The form filled in to complain to AESA
      2. A legible copy of the correspondence you have maintained with the airline on that subject.
      3. A copy of your passenger ticket and other documentation of interest.

A complaint may be filed by only one of the two ways above mentioned. In the event that the same complaint enters by more than one way, the Agency reserves the right not to process the complaint.

Access to the Status of a Complaint

For those complaints filed online, the passenger may access at any time to consult the status of processing of his claim. To do this, you must access the link below indicating the pre-assignment or final file number (if the application has already been validated), as well as the email address you provided in the submission of the complaint.

Please note that the processing status can only be consulted on those complaints that were submitted online.

Access to consultation processing status

AESA Action

AESA will analyse whether there was a breach of the Passenger Rights Regulation (EC) 261/2004 and ask the airline for information on the facts, collect additional information and examine whether or not it complied with the standard.
After the relevant examination, AESA will communicate to the applicant and airlines the actions carried out in relation to the complaint and issue a report with the result of its actions.

In the case that the AESA report is positive for the passenger but the airline does not comply with it, the passenger can go to the courts. In such a case, the positive report of AESA will be very useful. The passenger should also be aware that the judicial remedy to claim compensation for damages may be used at any time during the proceedings.

Complaint because of an incident at an EU airport not in Spain

If the incident took place at an EU airport, not in the Spanish territory, you can view in the following list of contact details of the competent national authority to process your complaint. You shall send your complaint to the agency which is responsible for processing your claim/complaint and for giving you a response.

In the case that your flight had the origin at a German, Dutch, Irish or Italian airport, you can access directly to the online form of the Competent Authority by clicking in the following links:

German Authority Form; Dutch Authority Form; Irish Authority Form; Italian Authority Form.

However, if you want AESA to transfer your complaint to the national body responsible, please provide us with the form available on the AESA website, after filling in it, and we will send it to the authority of the territory in which the incident occurred.

Letter of Assistance Services to the Air Transport User

The Service to Air Transport Users is a unit integrated in the Quality and User Protection Division, (of the Directorate of Civil Aviation Safety and User Protection), and its objective is to advise and inform air transport passengers of the rights protecting them as well as the channels available to lodge their complaints. In addition to protecting and intermediating disputes that may arise between passengers and air transport operators and, where appropriate, with the airport managing body, in all those matters that fall within the competence of AESA in the field of passenger protection.

In the Air Transport User Service Letter you can view the commitments that the Aviation Safety State Agency (AESA) has with air transport users.

Further information

If you need further information you can either call in the morning from 8:30 to 14:30 Monday through Friday by phone: +34 91 396 82 10 or request it by e-mail on: sau.aesa@seguridadaerea.es