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Claims for cancelations and delays


You can claim if you have had one of the following problems: cancelled flight, flight delayed more than three hours, denied boarding due to for example overbooking, or a change in class and the air carrier has not addressed your rights as a passenger, you can check here:

If you believe your rights have not been respected, you can claim following the next steps:

  1. Making a claim to the airline concerned. You can do this through the complaint forms that airlines should have available at the information desks or ticketing points at airports or by using the form below to complain to an air carrier.
    1. The complaint must be addressed directly to the customer service department, either by letter or by electronic means if available. . Here you will find a Directory of Customer Service Department of Airlines.
    2. It should be kept the ticket, baggage tag and other documents used. Furthermore, the claim must be clear, concise and readable, it is important to accurately record the date, time, place and cause of the claim, as well as personal data of the claimant and his flight.
  1. In case of no response or the answer does not satisfy you, you can lodge a complaint before AESA at no cost.
     To do this, the following documents must be sent to AESA, either by email to sau.aesa@seguridadaerea.es or by post mail (Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea. División de Calidad y Protección al Usuario. Avda. General Peron, 40 28020 Madrid B. Access):
    1. The claim form to complaint before AESA
    2. A legible copy of the communications exchanged with the airline
    3. A copy of your airline ticket and other documents of interest


AESA will examine your complaint to check if there is evidence of breach of Passenger Rights Regulation (Regulation (EC) 261/2004) and will request the airline factual information, seek additional information and examine whether it has complied with the provisions of the Regulation.
Once analysed, AESA shall inform the applicant and the airline/s about the actions carried out in connection with the claim and will issue a report with the result of their actions.

In case the AESA report is positive for the passenger but the airline do not comply with its content, you can go to the courts, for which the positive AESA report would be very useful. You should also know that you can go to courts to seek compensation for damages at any stage of the process.


If the problem occurred at an airport in another country of the European Union, you should complain to the competent authority of that Member State, whose data are in this list:  Bodies for European Regulation (EC) 261/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council and  in this case we recommend using the standard complaint form we herein provide.


For more information you can call in the morning from 8:30 to 14:30 from Monday to Friday at telephone: +34 91 396 82 10, or send an e-mail request to: sau.aesa@seguridadaerea.es